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China's solar street lamp industry market size will reach 60000000000 yua


With the acceleration of urbanization and the acceleration of construction of urban infrastructure, the market demand for lighting products is gradually expanded.. In the context of energy shortage, traditional lighting equipment, the energy consumption is huge, and there a huge waste of energy, but also affect the urban ecological environment, which is obviously not in line with development direction of China's energy use, but also greatly limits the efficiency in the use of lighting equipment. And the emergence of solar energy, effectively compensate for the above problems.

solar street lamp can reduce the lighting power consumption, is an important way to save energy. By the promotion of green lighting project, in recent years, China's solar street lamp market has maintained sustained growth. Solar energy street lamp industry is a new industry, and thus showing a faster development speed. From the point of view of the size of the market, Industry Research Institute released the 2015-2020 global solar street lamp industry investment market and strategic planning analysis report "data show that in 2009, the industry market size 5.32 billion yuan, 2013 has more than 50 billion yuan, is 10 times that of 2009, we can see its development speed. The application of

solar street lamp can produce obvious social and economic benefits.. First, from the point of view of social benefits, more than 70% of China's energy are to rely on coal, coal and oil accounts for more than 90%, and the energy and natural gas are the main culprit to produce carbon dioxide, so China's carbon dioxide emissions early in 2006 has exceeded the United States became the first in the world. So China's energy structure is very unreasonable. From the geographical point of view, China has a very considerable solar energy. The total solar radiation of all parts of the country is 3340-8400MJ/m2, the median is 5852MJ/m2. From the point of view of the distribution of the annual total amount of solar radiation in China, Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the northwest region, North China, Northeast China, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hainan, and other part of the low latitude zone of total solar radiation are in more than 5000MJ/m2 is China's abundant solar energy resources or rich areas. Thus, the solar energy can be utilized adequately. < br > < br > the solar street lamp uses is clean and renewable energy, compared to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If all 20000000 of our street lamps all switch to solar energy, you can reduce the emissions of 25800000 tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to $10300000000 carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the investment solar energy street lamp industry can generate a large social benefits.

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