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Analysis of price trend of LED lamp, daylight lamp and incandescent lamp


According to Information Administration LED (U.S.Energy) estimates, to 2020 the spread of light bulbs, daylight lamps or incandescent bulbs is almost the same. At that time, due to the continuous improvement of energy standards, incandescent light bulbs because they can not meet the energy saving effect and be eliminated. < br > < br > January 1, 2014, the United States began to prohibit the production and sale of 40 Watt and 60 watt incandescent bulb, but before the ban comes into effect, many American families have inventory many of these types of traditional lighting, so next 75 W and 100 W of traditional lighting will also become the ban. < br > < br > in federal standards driven and general lighting technology improvement, make the bulb higher reliability, life is on the increase, with more and better efficiency, general residential lighting power consumption also gradually decline. Therefore, although the initial purchase of LED light bulbs higher prices, but due to the high efficiency of LED bulbs, compared with the traditional light bulb can save money significantly. < br > < br > nevertheless, most Americans still think that, if the LED lighting replace 40 Watt or 60 watt incandescent lamp price too high, so many families turn to buy fluorescent lighting, to replace the incandescent light bulb, but the U.S. energy information administration estimates, to 2020, this trend will change, at the appointed time the price of LED and incandescent lighting will very close. < br > < br > the US energy information administration believes that by 2020, the efficiency of LED lighting will reach over 150 lumens per watt, compared to conventional 60 watt incandescent lamp output light efficiency per watt 16 lumens, nearly 10 times. In addition, the life of the LED bulb can last 30 years, when the behavior will change the light bulb.

from now to 2020, halogen incandescent lamp due to the general service standards can be applied, so will continue to use. However, by 2020 standards continue to improve, halogen incandescent lamp will also face can not meet the fate of the efficiency, so now manufacturers must focus on developing more efficient technology. < br > < br > the future of LED lighting in the technology constantly updated with cost down, perhaps to 2025, the lighting market will be completely by the new generation of solid state lighting replaced this trend will blow to the world has become a trend.

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