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LED three great potential for large segments of the market


LED light source application is not limited to ordinary lighting. In the field of agriculture, LED light can be used in vegetable production, via the irradiation of special LED head lamps and lanterns, quality and yields are greatly improved; in the field of automobile, vehicle with low energy consumption of the LED lamp, high reliability, long service life, environmental protection, in bad weather and at night can improve security is led according to the new blue ocean market; medical aspects, from outdoor to indoor, from special to the general, such in medical lighting site continues to expand... < br > < br > Agricultural lighting: "plant factory" will be to agricultural bring innovation < br > < br > with the continuous development of agricultural modernization, agricultural lighting demand and consumption continues to expand, to traditional agriculture lighting technology also put forward new challenges. LED as a new generation of light source, in addition to the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, compared with traditional agriculture, commonly used in the field of fluorescent lamp or high pressure sodium lamp, such as artificial light, with light adjustment, light quality can be adjustment, low cooling load and allowed to improve unit area of cultivation characteristics of the volume, of close a loop control of the agricultural production environment, such as plant tissue culture room is a very suitable artificial light source. < br > < br > can be predicted, the LED will be applied to agricultural bring more innovation, for example, "plant factory" is considered to be advanced development stage of agricultural facilities, set a variety of high modern biotechnology, information technology, artificial environment control technology in one, not only yield was higher than that of land cultivation times, but also can in non arable land such as Gobi, desert, island, water or even in a city building production, is also considered in the future to solve the population, resources and environment issues such as effective techniques.

in China, agricultural lighting has begun to use LED, such as domestic agricultural demonstration zone to establish solar photovoltaic LED plant, etc.. China's government has the support of scientific research projects to accelerate the pace of the application of LED in the application in the field of agriculture, such as "Eleventh Five Year" period, by National 863 plan set up a subject, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period will also be a plurality of LED agricultural scientific research projects to support the project. Some local governments through the establishment of agricultural science and technology demonstration park and other forms, to encourage the introduction of energy-efficient LED agricultural lighting application projects in the park use. In fact,

, lighting plants in Japan and South Korea have long been popular in a complete mess. LED plant light sales are concentrated in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions less engaged in agricultural personnel. But with the increase of LED plant growth light penetration, the Chinese market into the outbreak period. According to the survey, the global LED plant growth light output in 2013 onwards began to show rapid growth, although the output value of only tens of millions of dollars in size, but the estimate in 2014 will be more than $35 million, 2017 more is expected to challenge the $3 billion. In the application of agricultural applications, the technology research and development of LED in the agricultural field is increasingly concerned.. < br > < br >. In general, whether it is from the angle of promoting the development of modern agriculture and realize the energy saving and environmental protection point of view of, LED application in agriculture has very important significance, and the demand of the status and development of agriculture also led provides opportunities for development.

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