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LED intelligent lighting is facing the bottleneck cost


When LED lighting as the market is generally about lighting technology, when the technology has been implemented in the intelligent lighting, LED industry already in the outbreak of the critical point, but the LED intelligent lighting market expansion is still the high costs of production and operation, this also is at present numerous LED lighting enterprises are trying to seek a breakthrough in the direction of.

intelligent lighting market is still the time

intelligent lighting is the main trend of the development of the LED industry in the lighting field, which is also a view of the industry. When it comes to intelligent lighting, said Jia Shida Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Mr. Chen Ba, as the main trend of LED lighting, we in this intelligent lighting also in depth contact customers. In fact in terms of intelligent lighting, now domestic front technology is can completely meet the needs of customers and the service, but I think the intelligent lighting is too complex for implementation phase. Although currently on the market have a mature intelligent lighting products coming to market, the market feedback and consumers the concept of intelligent lighting products from the concept is more acceptable and tendency, but the cost is too high and realization process is too complex, largely limits the quantitative development of intelligent lighting market, popularization and promotion will be more difficult, so the relative for some relatively simple illumination model, and control the cost is relatively low, while the application is relatively simple, intelligent lighting at this stage are more likely to be accepted by the market.

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